Re: Proposal: Shift election cycle back six months

<quote who="Quim Gil">

> 1. Make sure that from a legal point of view we can have board mandate not
> coinciding with budget terms. If legally we can't do it the rest is
> pointless.

I've put it to our legal folks and am waiting for a response.

> 2. Check if the current board members would be willing to continue for an
> extended period. If the current board members are not willing to go
> further the rest is pointless.

Sure. The Board will decide whether or not to call a vote.

> 3. If 1 and 2 are met then we can talking about something as exceptional
> as a referendum.
> Really, the GNOME Foundation doesn't *need* urgently that change. We are
> used to plan and execute changes that have a mid term impact. The newly
> elected board would have to wait until Istanbul to meet. What is the so
> big issue with that? Until now this has been the rule and we seem to have
> survived.
> I don't understand really why all this hurry now.

Please don't mistake "doing" for "haste". :-) There is no hurry, but I have
a desire to see this problem solved, and I feel we have a responsibility to
solve it such that the next Board may benefit from it. We've talked about it
for long enough that I'm happy to take the bullet to actually do something
about it. :-)

It's August, so we have about three months to put this to our members before
the elections must be held. No hurry, but it's a good time to get moving.

- Jeff

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