Re: Proposal: Shift election cycle back six months

<quote who="Quim Gil">

> The current board was elected for one year and there is no exceptional
> reason to change this. The next board can be elected for an extended
> period and then voters and electors know what is going on beforehand.

We could do that, and it has been discussed in the past, but it defers the
problem (so the next board will suffer the same issue).

I think this illustrates a misunderstanding of the word 'exceptional'. We
don't need an 'exceptional' reason to put a change like this to the members,
but the process of doing so would be to hold a 'special' or 'exceptional'
meeting (or in our case, an online vote).

The proposal email was pretty clear: It's highly unlikely that we'd do this
without going to the membership for a vote. So the "knowing beforehand" idea
that has been raised a number of times is not really relevant. If members
are uncomfortable with it, they'll vote it down, and we'll have to come up
with another solution (which itself will have to involve a vote anyway, as
the bylaws do not provide a mechanism for doing this).

I'm pretty satisfied that the responses we've had so far indicate that this
is worth pursuing by putting a vote to the membership.

We can call a vote with minimum ten days notice (but we'll have to work with
the membership committee to ensure the infrastructure exists to run it).

- Jeff

-- 2008: Melbourne, Australia

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