A good moment to promote the GNOME Foundation

-- The GNOME Foundation is better with more members --

All we are surrounded by GNOME contributors that aren't members of the
Foundation. They probably don't know much about it, don't think it's for
them, don't dare to ask, leave it for next year (again?)... Bring them
on board!

The Foundation members are the first and best resources to get new
members. In principle everybody investing time, brain and sweat in GNOME
should be part of the Foundation, this is why it was created. Please
help convince your projects neighbors, your mailing list colleagues,
your IRC mates, your blog readers... 

As an example here is an attempt:

A good moment to join the GNOME Foundation

-- The Board of Directors Election is better with more candidates --

All we have thought once that contributor X could be a great board
member. Tell him/her! It's so easy to send an email saying "I think you
could be a good board member, have you considered running for

As an example, I received one of these a year ago from someone I highly
respect, which was a strong reason to be a candidate weeks later. I have
sent already a couple of emails, and will send some more. There is so
many great people around. Try it! It feels good. 

PS: Just to make things clear, I'm sending this email personally, not as
an initiative of the board. Of course the board invites everybody to
promote the Foundation and the elections.

Quim Gil /// http://desdeamericaconamor.org

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