Re: Call for comments on where to have GUADEC in 2007


Selon Murray Cumming <murrayc murrayc com>:
> Yeah, the venue (and it's potential price/cost) is the biggest risk. I
> think that a letter of committment from the venue should be possible
> before the host city is chosen.

I'd just like to point out that our bid *is* the result of work with the school,
and a committment from the school. The bid is signed by the director or the
school, their director of communications, and their head of computing. Also, we
have the support of the local LUG (I have presented the bid to them on several
occasions, and am an active member myself) and gnome-fr collectively - even
though we did not want to get everyone to sign the proposal. The policy we
adopted was that the organisations, and some key people, committed to
organising the conference, and we'll sort out the details in function of time &
availability when the time comes.

We also have a letter of support from the mayor of Lyon, Gerrard Collomb,
supporting the bid, which came in after we submitted, and which I'll be adding
to the dossier. If accepted, we will be discussing with the city at the start
of July the ressources they can put at our disposal. In preliminary
discussions, they indicated that this would go as far as providing city
facilities for conference events, and perhaps administrative help during the
organisation period.


Dave Neary
Lyon, France

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