GNOME Event Box for North America

Hi all,

The GNOME Event Box in Europe has been really useful to the local groups
and helped make their booths look really great. After some discussion,
it was agreed that such a box would be most welcome for events in North
America (where North America is at least Canada & US).

The budget to buy the box and its content is $3500. The base address for
the box would most probably be in Boston.

You can see more details about the European box here:

Here are some concrete items where volunteers would be most welcome:

 + drive the effort behind this box.
 + create pages on the wiki (see the pages for the European box) to
   organize how we'll manage the box.
 + create list of conferences where we would want to send this box.
   This will help us define a proper budget for sending it around the
 + help collecting links where we can buy the content for the box.

Did I mention that volunteers are most welcome? Sending a mail is enough
to start being a volunteer ;-)

The proposed content would be (thanks to Rosanna for creating it):

      2 17-inch flat monitors. Approx. cost: $250 each
        (ex: SAMSUNG 740B Black 17" 8ms LCD Monitor $225 each) 
        Costco has a deal ($229.99) on Scepter 19" Wide screen LCDs
through the
end of the week. 
      1 desktop computer: Approx. cost: $600
        New mac mini is $599
        Shuttles are $500 and up
      1 Wireless Access Point. Approx. cost: $75.
        (ex: LINKSYS WRT54GS IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.11b/g Wireless
Broadband Router - $75)
      1 non-wireless network hub.  Approx. cost: $50
        (ex: LINKSYS EFAH08W EtherFast 10/100Mbps 8-Port Auto-Sensing
Hub - $45)
      1 (ideally 2) wireless mouse and keyboard. Approx. cost: $50 each
        (ex: Logitech Cordless Desktop EX110 967561-0403 Black USB +
PS/2 RF Wireless Standard Keyboard Mouse Included - $43)
      external CD-DVD writer.  Approx. cost: $130
        (ex:  LACIE Black IEEE 1394 / USB 2.0 16X DVD�R External DVD
Burner with LightScribe Model 300978 - $131)
      Some Ethernet cable. (but prefer wireless in general) Cost: ?
          o  Some should still be available from GUADEC 2005.
      2 electrical extension cables. Approx. cost: $15
      3 electrical socket splitters. Approx cost: $20
      1 coffee machine, plus coffee, kettle, tea, and disposable cups
(When allowed) Approx cost: $50 
      12 Team GNOME T-shirts (washed). Approx cost: $200
        Alternatively, we can get polos for $90 setup, and $30 a shirt
      5 largish GNOME posters. Approx cost: $250
      Recent printouts of our talking points and demo plans.
      A lockable cash box. Approx cost: $30 
      Spare mice/keyboards/power-cables (wireless preferred). Approx
cost: $100
      A little box with 3 black marker pens, 10 biros, 2 pairs of
scissors, sellotape, glue, a ball of string, a box of pins/tacks. Approx
cost: $30.
      Injket printer. Approx cost: $200 
        (ex: Canon PIXMA iP90 9466A001 16 ppm - $212)
        (ex: Canon PIXMA iP1600 Photo Printer - $50)
      Paper. Approx. Cost: $5
      CD Labels. Approx. Cost: $20
      Adjustable/Flexible packing material, particularly for the
electronic hardware. Approx. Cost: 20
          o LiveCDs
          o GNOME T-shirts
          o GNOME bags
          o GNOME stickers/badges
      Administration stuff:
          o 1 log book, saying where the box has been, and a message to
the next recipient.
          o 1 receipt book, for sales, donations, etc.
          o GNOME UPS/FedEx/DHL account details, for on-site pickup and
delivery of the box (not UPS/Fedex if the box is travelling to awkward
          o Insurance details - Specifically, what to do if something is
          o List of Contents - maybe with the big/expensive items having
an inventory number
          o Stack of inventory checklists with stamped envelopes
addressed to GNOME Foundation for each user to write a report



Les gens heureux ne sont pas press�

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