Re: Required: Administrator for the Foundation

    Linux is a trademark in the USA. The use of GNU/Linux without indicating
    the trademark is inappropriately confusing the registered mark.

I could ask lawyers whether you are right, but I think there is no
need to ask them unless someone makes a legal complaint.  The FSF
has never received one.

The system as used today is basically GNU, but Linux is also an
important component.  We call it "GNU/Linux" partly so as to give the
developers of Linux a share of the credit for the combination.  If the
developers of Linux prefer not to receive this share of the credit,
they need only say so publicly; then if we stop adding "/Linux",
people will understand that in doing so we are responding to their

    And last time I checked GNOME was not a GNU project.

GNOME is part of the GNU project, but the two questions are

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