Re: Required: Administrator for the Foundation

El ds 17 de 06 del 2006 a les 15:55 -0400, en/na Richard Stallman va
> 	Federico> 10. Be computer literate. Preferably Linux literate.
> Unless you're looking for kernel hackers,
> please make that "GNU/Linux literate".

In fact, in this case it would be most accurate to say "Preferably free
software literate", since the skills we require from this administrator
are focused on the usage of office/desktop applications. Maybe we should
have simply asked for someone "preferably GNOME user".  :)

> You probably want people who know how to edit with Emacs,
> write code to compile with GCC, debug with GDB, and call
> functions in GLIBC and GTK+.

Well, not at all. We are looking for an administrator (accounting,
bookkeeping and so on) and not for a system administrator or a
developer. Think more on the basic Internet tools, word processors,
spreadsheets and accounting applications.

About making this preference for free software literacy a requirement, I
agree the desirable scenario would be to have an accountant hired by the
GNOME Foundation and working with GNOME. But we need an accountant,
urgently. Finding candidates is not easy, and the priority is to find
the best accountant available. If this person doesn't know perfectly how
to use the free tools available s/he can learn. Very different of hiring
a great free software user/developer with just regular administrative

Help us finding a great administrator with the free software skills
needed, and problem solved.  :)

PS: Richard, looking forward to seeing you next week in Barcelona.

Quim Gil /// |

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