Re: Temporaray enlargement of the GNOME Board with 3 persons

On Mon, 2006-05-06 at 21:54 +0200, David Neary wrote:
> Hi Andrew,
> Andreas J. Guelzow wrote:
> > On Mon, 2006-05-06 at 13:21 -0400, Dominic Lachowicz wrote:
> >> "New seats on the board may be made available as the project grows,
> >> subject to approval by the board or referendum of the membership."
> >>
> >> "Between elections, board vacancies or new board slots shall be filled
> >> by appointment by the board of directors."
> > 
> > This is different from temporarily appointing 2 additional members. Of
> > course the board can add new seats, but they will then be permanent
> > until (again?) removed via a referendum.
> No - the referendum last year was non-binding (as mentioned afterwards
> by Dom, I think). The board has the power to decide before the elections
> each year how many seats will be available.

So, the board can decide how many people it wants to have elected and
then it can add an arbitrary number of additional members after the
election. Why do we have elections in the first place?

Of course "New seats on the board may be made available as the project
grows". Has trhe project really grown that significantly since the last


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