Re: Code of Conduct final draft?

<quote who="Dominic Lachowicz">

> If your argument is that these are "shared community values", better to
> call it that instead.

Okay, so if we say "call it what you want, lay out the intent in your own
words" and you could discuss the actual content of the document, what would
you say? Because arguing about abstracts and semantics doesn't appear to be
helping anyone.

Do we want to document the shared values and expectations of the community?
Is that a good idea? I think so. Should it involve expectations and advice
about the kind of behaviour we expect? I think so. Should it also speak to
our values about Software Freedom? I think so. So yes, I think the document
is lacking in some ways too, but gosh it's silly to sit around whinging
about the name when a) you could come up with a better one and b) talk about
the document itself and make it into something you want it to be.

Just because Murray said, "let's try this" doesn't mean you can't contribute
your own ideas about what we need to do, what problems we need to solve, and
how we might go about it. In fact, he pretty clearly asked for that.

- Jeff

-- 2007: Sydney, Australia 
   "Itanium: A synthetic market-group tested plasticised square." - Jamie

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