Re: Code of Conduct final draft?

I think the second term in your Princeton Wordnet citation is the one we
are aiming for: e.g. "principles".

One can have principles without rules.  In that respect principles are
like a practical exposition of "values".  (The word "values" would lead
us into a separate quagmire, so I suggest avoiding that word.)


On Wed, 2006-08-02 at 23:59, Dominic Lachowicz wrote:
> Jeff,
> > As an aside, it was never intended to be "legislation" or "rules", and every
> > time it's painted as such, it says more about the poster's attitude than the
> > CoC's intent (not that you have done so in this mail, but others have done
> > so recently on the list).
> If it's not intended to be "legislation" or "rules", I'd suggest not
> calling it a "code". It's got legislation and rules builtin to its
> name. If your argument is that these are "shared community values",
> better to call it that instead. Unless you want these to be enforced
> community rules, in which case, call a spade a spade and don't be
> ashamed of it.
> code: "a set of rules or principles or laws (especially written ones)"
> Best,
> Dom
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