Re: Reducing the board size

On Sun, Sep 18, 2005 at 11:52:41PM +0200, Anne Østergaard wrote:
> Points of importance for the future of the Foundation should not be
> decided with 6 votes in favour and 5 against.

  For the record, such a situation never happened in the past. There
have been issues where there was a relatively clear split between two
group of divergent opinions, but in those case the resolution wasn't
to vote, usually a middle way has been attempted, or (for good or
bad) the issue has stalled and no decision was done.

  For the sake of transparency I will also say that the management of
the foundation only employee, our Director Tim Ney, has been the only
recurring issue over the years leading to this situation. As a secretary
this is a very hard issue, because when this happen I am always 
blocked between the two conflicting problem of trying to function as
openly as possible and the obvious privacy issue that our employee


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