Minutes of the Board meeting 2005 Sep 14

     Minutes of the Board meeting 2005 Sep 14


   Owen Taylor (chairing)
   Tim Ney
   Daniel Veillard
   Dave Neary
   Federico Mena-Quintero
   Murray Cumming


   Luis Villa
   Jonathan Blandford
   Miguel de Icaza


   Jody Goldberg
   Christian Schaller

Actions completed:

  ACTION: Luis to post the Minutes of the meeting with the advisory board
     - Done


   ACTION: Dave to start looking for vendors to host the GNOME online shop
     - Ongoing

   ACTION: Dave to proceed to details stage of merchandizing agreement
     - Ongoing

  ACTION: Murray to take the task to find documentation authors and get it 
     - Federico is handling this again

  ACTION: Owen to add a section on things the foundation should do once it
          has the money
      - ongoing
  ACTION: Tim to go though the trademark registration check with the user
          groups so they submit the licence agreement
      - ongoing, should update the status in the group Wiki page

  ACTION: Jonathan to post about election items we tend to forget or postpone
          from year to year
      - ongoing

New Action:

  ACTION: Tim to send a mail to the advisory board about sponsoring 
          travel for hackers to go to the Summit


 * Sponsoring hackers to Summit
    - can we involve companies ? try to run this through the advisory
      board list
    - try to get sponsorship for hackers who work on performances since
      this one of the main topic

 * Store 
    - now paying our German lawyer
    - try to finish the deal

 * referendum about reducing board size
    - Dave will start the debate on the foundation-list

 * next meeting Wed 28 September


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