Re: Reducing the board size

Leslie Proctor wrote:

 My experience is rather that all board members are
busy members of the
community, so getting people do do things is hard.
If you get 7 persons
instead of 11 you reduce also the amount of
available time from board
members. People running for the board will need more
time upfront to
fullfill their board member requirements.


I'm with Daniel on this.  This will decrease the
effectiveness of the board, not increase it.

I agree; the fact that the people with the most votes don't necessarily have the most time to contribute undermines the whole "7 is more effective" position. I also don't agree that 11 is "too many"; maybe 15 or 18 would be too many for consensus, but I think that if one of 11 elected members feels so strongly that they will block consensus, maybe it would be just as inappropriate for a smaller Board to make such a decision on behalf of the Foundation.


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