Re: Minutes of the Board meeting 2005 Oct 26

On Sat, 2005-10-29 at 11:17 +1300, Glynn Foster wrote:

> >   ACTION: Federico to take the task to find documentation authors and
> > get it 
> >           done
> >      - Done, documentation author hired
> Oh, okay. Oh really - I wonder who that could be?
> [snip]
> >  - Status of Shaun's work - is it underway?
> >     - Yes, will ask for report from Shaun on progress
> I assume it's Shaun then? I guess I would have expected some sort of
> announcement. What is Shaun's work going to involve, etc etc?

The doc project with Shaun McCance was announced at the end of the
Summit, but everyone was probably too tired to blog it.  Below is the
draft outline of the project.


        SUBJECT MATTER DESCRIPTION: Introduction, The GNOME Family,
        Overview, Core Technologies, IPC and Network Support, Desktop
        Technologies, Language Bindings, Appendix
             1. Introduction
                      * What is GNOME?
                      * Who Should Read This Document
             2. The GNOME Family
                      * Websites
                      * Conferences
                      * Peripheral Organizations
             3. Overview of the GNOME Platform
             4. Core Technologies
                      * Graphical Interfaces (gtk, gdk, pango, cairo)
                      * File System Interaction (gnome-vfs)
                      * Configuration and Lockdown (gconf)
                      * Internationalization
                      * Accessibility (atk, gail)
                      * Multimedia (gstreamer)
                      * Printing (gnome-print, cups)
             5. IPC and Networking Support
                      * Drag and Drop
                      * Cut and Paste
                      * D-Bus Messaging
                      * Bonobo and CORBA
                      * Service Discovery (gnome-vfs)
                      * XML and Web Services (libxml2, libxslt, libsoup)
             6. Desktop Technologies
                      * menu & mime (needs title)
                      * Panel Applets
                      * Notifications (?)
                      * File Manager
                      * Window Manager
                      * Control Center
                      * Addressbook and Calendaring
                      * Storing Passwords
                      * Session Management
                      * Usability
                      * Documentation
             7. Language Bindings
                      * C++
                      * Java
                      * Perl
                      * Python
                      * C#
        Six months after the date that the GNOME Foundation publishes
        the Work, Contractor may republish the Work under a different
        license such as the FDL; however, the GNOME Foundation retains
        copyright along with the Contractor. The GNOME Foundation
        reserves the right not to publish the Work.

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