Re: Why I'm Voting "NO"

<quote who="Luis Villa">

> I agree that this is important, and I'll be running on a very similar
> platform in the next election, but this doesn't solve the problem of the
> number of involved/qualified people. If anything, it makes it worse by
> increasing the demands on at least some of the people involved. Long-term,
> we should have an 11-member board again- but only after we've established
> that we consistently have a large number of active, qualified, committed
> candidates. We have to admit that we don't right now, and act accordingly.

I do not admit to such lies! ;-)

So, I think that's true if you look at the popular notion of what the board
does. Not so many people are willing to pony up the Enormous Amounts Of Time
Involved In Leading The GNOME Community, Administering The Foundation's
Finances And Organising Major Conferences, blah blah. I think we need to
solve this by actively promoting a different perspective of the board's role
(and I don't think we can fix the board's problems without doing this).

So, for instance, I would like to see people like Germán Poó Caamaño on the
board... Totally active, qualified and committed, but (though he has run for
the board in the past) I suspect he's might not feel the board is his thing
or something like that. Holy crap! So I'm going to encourage Germán to run,
much like I encouraged Dave Neary (who thought it was almost ridiculous when
I first mentioned it to him). We can increase the pool of candidates - the
ones who are *already out there* - by encouraging great people to run. I'm
going to give Vincent Untz a kick in the pants too. He should totally be on
the voting form (and it's up to him and the members to negotiate whether he
should be trusted).

Let's *actively* fix the board by being the awesome community and people we


- Jeff

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