Re: Reducing the board size

<quote who="Vincent Untz">

> > > I've heard lots of unconvincing arguments as well--on both sides.
> > > But, what is very convincing to me is the fact that it strongly
> > > appears that we don't have 11 motivated people running for the board.
> > 
> > Motivated to do what? To "get things done"? That should not be the
> > function of the board. If you mean "motivated to represent the GNOME
> > community and the Foundation membership in the administration of the
> > organisation", as in, people who we trust to do the right thing... I
> > think that's wrong. We've had very motivated people, to the point where
> > some of them have run to make sure less trustworthy people would not get
> > on the board! :-)
> I forgot to ask. Jeff, what do you mean with "represent the GNOME
> community and..."? Can you give us some examples?

Great question, thanks.

 * When someone asks for an opinion from the GNOME community, they usually
   go to the board. We need people on the board who we trust to answer these
   fairly, accurately, and without bias.

 * When there is a major division in the community, we need people on the
   board we trust to mediate.

 * When the organisation makes a significant investment of resources (such
   as taking on an employee, funding a conference, sponsoring travel for
   GNOME community members), we need people we trust to decide a course of
   action that is positive for our community.

Those are only a few of the examples, but these are the kinds of things that
matter for our board, not day-to-day muck. :-)

- Jeff

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