Re: Why I'm Voting "NO"

Le mercredi 26 octobre 2005 �0:44 +0200, Jeff Waugh a �it :
> <quote who="Vincent Untz">
> > Interesting input. But why is it better to do this with 11 directors than
> > 7 directors? :-)
> Broader, more diverse representation - this is a *big* community, and even
> the current board has massive msising chunks of it, whether you look at
> regional representation, developer representation, or skills representation.

A bit off-topic for the referendum, but elections are coming soon: so,
what would the ideal board be composed of?

> It's more important to have people on the board we trust, and keep rocking
> as a community, than have people on the board who "have lots of time to get
> things done", and leave all the work to them. We'd have to choose completely
> different people based on those two perspectives of the board's role.

I agree. But I think there are people we trust and have time to work for
the Foundation. There's something between those two perspectives (IMHO).
I do think the board should delegate most of the work, but this also
takes time :-)


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