Re: Why I'm Voting "NO"

On 10/26/05, Jeff Waugh <jdub perkypants org> wrote:
> > 3. Are there any other changes, rather than reducing the number of elected
> > board members, that would address some of the problems Neary is raising?
> The alternative that I support is a more structured decision making process,
> with a standard four member 'executive', consisting of an elected President,
> Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. I believe this will greatly improve
> the Board's ability to execute, ensure that it represents the broad range of
> views in the GNOME community, emphasise its role as an administrative body,
> and demand service and responsibility from its executive.

I agree that this is important, and I'll be running on a very similar
platform in the next election, but this doesn't solve the problem of
the number of involved/qualified people. If anything, it makes it
worse by increasing the demands on at least some of the people
involved. Long-term, we should have an 11-member board again- but only
after we've established that we consistently have a large number of
active, qualified, committed candidates. We have to admit that we
don't right now, and act accordingly.


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