Re: Why I'm Voting "NO"

Hi Jeff,

Le mercredi 26 octobre 2005 �0:23 +0200, Jeff Waugh a �it :
> I've been meaning to write a usefully detailed email about why I'll be
> voting "NO" for the current referendum, but with my insane travel schedule
> at the moment, I haven't had an opportunity to sit down and write it. A
> journalist (who hasn't pushed out an article yet, so I've not identified
> them or their publication here) asked me a few questions the other day, so I
> thought I'd send them along, as they give part of my opinion on this whole
> thing. :-)
> Question 3 is probably the most critical one to gain an understanding of my
> perspective of the Foundation Board's role. We need to reforge the popular
> notion of its role into a representative and purely administrative group. It
> is much more important to have a group of people on the board that we trust
> to represent the project than it is to have people who "get things done"...
> It is not the Board's role to "get things done" - that totally mucks up the
> balance of our community. The Board is just there to resolve conflicts, make
> administrative decisions, fix major problems, and make sure the community is
> well represented so that the organisation's resources are used wisely and
> efficiently.

Interesting input. But why is it better to do this with 11 directors
than 7 directors? :-)


Les gens heureux ne sont pas press�

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