Re: Minutes of the Board meeting 2005 June 15

El jue, 23-06-2005 a las 23:30 +0200, Vincent Untz escribió:
> Le lundi 20 juin 2005 à 08:22 -0400, Daniel Veillard a écrit :
> >   ACTION: murray to announce the first version of the GNOME Foundation
> >           Member Logo
> I'm eagerly waiting for this :-)

me too!

> >  * Trademark proposals
> >    we have a draft verion but not the final proposal
> >    we need to make sure we can grant some other web site to carry the logo
> >    or use the name for example for foreign local user group
> >    
> >    We decide to approve the Trademark proposal, contingent on approval
> >    of some changes we proposed
> I read the draft again, and one new question comes to my mind: are the
> local groups authorized to create a "localized" logo based on the GNOME
> logo? If so, what are the constraints?

Actually this is natural desire and necessity, for sample many LUG's
have their customized tux logos, also in GNOME communitys we may have
customized GNOME foots, the same for wallpapers or splash, you can find
a lot GNOME foots in everywhere, is there a constraint for this?.


Fernando San Martín Woerner
Jefe de Informática
Galilea S.A.

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