Re: Barcelona report

On Thu, 2005-07-28 at 11:26 +1200, Glynn Foster wrote:
> Hey,
> > Costs
> > If GUADEC organizes its own registration fees, a certain amount of
> > revenue will need to be made as a guarantee to cover a portion of IGC
> > expenses. Any additional rooms and equipment will be at additional cost
> > to GUADEC. Coffee breaks, if provided, will also be an additional
> > expense.
I wasn't there the second day when I guess this was discussed, cause on the first 
day when I where there I got the clear impression that the basement
rooms where available at no extra cost, so maybe additional rooms in
this sense are rooms in other near by buildings. Guess Tim can clarify.

> So this doesn't look like the cheap conference that I originally thought
> it might be. What's changed? What are the costs involved?
Well if they have decided to start charging us a lot for stuff I guess we should 
feel no obligation to not go after separate sponsorship again to cover
these costs.

> > Timetable 
> > 27 May, Sat. Venue available (no staffing) - GUADEC arrivals
> > 28 May, Sun. Venue available (no staffing) - OPENING DAY GUADEC
> > 29 May, Mon.  IGC Opening reception
> > 30 May, Tues. First day of IGC  - 3 GUADEC sessions/3 IGC sessions
> > 31 May, Wed.  Second day of IGC - 3 GUADEC sessions/3 IGC sessions

> Hrm, I thought were were going to run the developer half of GUADEC at
> the weekend [Saturday and Sunday], and then have the business user
> sessions scattered between Monday-Wednesday.
> Looks like we're being restricted from our original plans/thoughts. Hrm,
> not so happy with this one...
Actually the organizers seemed fine with doing the first day on Saturday, it
was Tim who preferred to start on Sunday. If we want to start on
Saturday I am sure they will let us.


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