Re: buying GNOME merchandise

What about credit cards the Linux Fund seems to be successful at that so
why not a GNOME credit card. If I lived in the US and were using a credit
card, I would use it. You can maybe broker a deal so it would work here in
Iceland also.

Olafur Arason.

On 7/23/05, David Neary <dneary free fr> wrote:
> Hi Curtis,
> I've been working for several months getting a merchandising agreement
> in place for We're in advanced stages of that process, and
> when we have something concrete to announce, you'll be the first to hear
> about it.
> As for using the logo, members should be able to use it - we need to
> work out the details (Luis Villa is working on exactly that for a
> college paper as we speak) and Mairin Duffy is working on a style guide
> for brand usage. The board has also worked out (and we're just awaiting
> approval from lawyers that it's acceptable) trademark usage contracts
> whick are suitable for wide-ranging communtiy uses. This stuff is
> getting worked out, and we're nearly at a stage where we can stop
> thinking about it (which is great).
> Cheers,
> Dave.
> Curtis Hovey wrote:
> > I recall some local/national licensing deals were in discussion for
> > official GNOME merchandise.  What is the status of these?  I cannot
> > locate anything with the GNOME brand, save for the official tee-shirt.
> >
> > I'm in the mood to put the GNOME logo in my home, office, and clothes,
> > and I don't wear tee-shirts. will let me create
> > buttons, posters, and stickers.  I don't believe the Foundation permits
> > any member to use the logo in this case since the items are available
> > for sale.  Is this so?  I don't want the money; I would donate all
> > proceeds to GNOME.  Can the Foundation arrange for such as store?
> >
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> Dave Neary
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> Lyon, France
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