Re: Certification for GNOME apps

On 7/13/05, Glynn Foster <Glynn Foster sun com> wrote:
> > Is that necessarily
> > going to please 100% of ISVs? No. (Possibly not even 50%.) Will it be
> > useful anyway? IMHO, yes. While we should definitely get Bryan's input
> > and attempt to accomodate it as much as practicable, lets please not
> > bog this down by aiming to please the iron-clad expectations of very
> > serious ISVs when the current state is so abysmal for *all*  consumers
> > of GNOME libraries.
> Yeah, but you know as well as I do, that those serious ISVs are exactly
> the people we need to target 

There are many kinds of ISVs we need to target, as has been pointed
out elsewhere in the thread. Yes, our documentation and API/ABI issues
are most glaring when we deal with, say, adobe, and yes, adobe and
others of that source are incredibly important for the core mission of
getting GNOME and other free software more widely used. But delaying
efforts to deal with other ISVs, like ffox, ooo, etc. (who are also
important, but slightly more flexible) in the meantime is


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