Re: Certification for GNOME apps


Dudes, you should work with Brian Cameron from Sun on this - I'm pretty
sure he'll pick up this thread, but he's done a HUGE amount of work in
this space already.

I personally think a step by step effort working down through your list
is awesome - rather than doing everything at the one time, get the
initial ISV porting guide out for Level 0 *now*.

Level 1+ is a hell of a lot harder to start thinking about because
you're basically guaranteeing a compatibility roadmap for ISVs, and I've
found [in my experience], that involves a lot more thought.

FWIW, I don't think this is just a marketing thing - this involves a lot
of commitment from the developers too, and a level of understanding that
I'm not quite sure is there yet.


> One of the marketing efforts that the Foundation Board discussed during
> GUADEC is the possibility of having  "certification levels" for GNOME
> applications.  Apps that get rated higher are "nicer" or "more
> GNOME-like"; hopefully we can use the rating metrics to let users gauge
> how well a particular app integrates with the rest of their GNOME
> desktop.

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