Re: Certification for GNOME apps


> There can be a useful intermediary between 'having no docs at all' and
> 'here is a documentary that explains what we promise to support for
> ever and ever, amen.' I believe the goal here is to document what we
> do now, and how to usefully integrate with that. 

Yeah, I do agree - I guess if it helps to figure out the interfaces that
we do want to keep, and those we don't, then it will be useful.

> Is that necessarily
> going to please 100% of ISVs? No. (Possibly not even 50%.) Will it be
> useful anyway? IMHO, yes. While we should definitely get Bryan's input
> and attempt to accomodate it as much as practicable, lets please not
> bog this down by aiming to please the iron-clad expectations of very
> serious ISVs when the current state is so abysmal for *all*  consumers
> of GNOME libraries.

Yeah, but you know as well as I do, that those serious ISVs are exactly
the people we need to target - and well, without those iron-clad
expectations, we won't get a foot in the door.


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