Re: Minutes of the Board meeting 2005 Feb 2

<quote who="Luis Villa">

> I have no particular horse here, but I will note that if we want to use
> wiki for serious documents, we must have high quality RCS, and mediawiki
> and whatever ubuntu use have that, and does not, which is a
> serious bummer.

We do our serious document authoring in CVS, and while I can see a use case
for it in the wiki, we have long had a convention (almost policy) of keeping
important stuff like that in CVS.


> Also, Jeff, AFAICT, mediawiki (being the engine behind the biggest wiki in
> the world) seems to have a decent rep; dismissing it as 'fruit loops' is
> silly.

Froot Loops for GNOME's requirements, which is the context in which it was

- Jeff

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