Minutes of the Board meeting 2005 Feb 2


   Owen Taylor (chairing)
   Luis Villa
   Christian Schaller
   Jody Goldberg
   David Neary
   Tim Ney
   Federico Mena-Quintero
   Miguel de Icaza
   Daniel Veillard
   Jonathan Blandford
   Murray Cumming

Thank You:

  The new board would like to thank the previous board members for
  their work and commitement, as well as for the Election Comitee who
  flawlessly organized the elections, thanks to 
      - Glynn Foster
      - Nat Friedman
      - Bill Haneman
      - Leslie Proctor 
      - Jeff Waugh
  you rocked !

New Action:
    Luis : Collect a 2.10 feature list based on Davyd's list
    Luis : Re-start discussion of 2.10 modules
    Tim  : Work on GUADEC press release with Leslie
    Tim  : Work with Leslie to take Luis' feature list and convert it to a 2.10
    	   press release
    Federico & Owen : check website for 2.10
    Federico: start a wiki page to collect trademark/copyright issues
    Jody : Get FY2004 from Tim


    - Getting Road map in Wiki
    : Luis seems to be making progress.  The old roadmap is on the wiki and
      needs to be updated.

    - Elect a Chair
    : Owen is willing, no one opposed
    : Unanimous vote for Owen

    - Set up a schedule for hosting the calls
    : We'll have RH and Novell to alternate the calls

    - How frequently should we hold meetings
    : Dave advocates infrequent meetings, possibly only 'when necessary'
    : Monthly meetings, with addition meetings as needed.  Possibly to include
      additional people (marketing, advisory board)

    - Press Release for 2.10
    : Luis will work on the feature list then forward it to Tim and Leslie who
      will coordinate it to go out
    : Owen and Federico to make sure the web team and the release team are
      coordinated for 2.10.

    - Trademark
    : Tim has been contacted by various publishers to get permission to post
      screenshots with the GNOME foot.  The screenshots are the property of the
      people that submitted them.  We should improve our documentation to
      ensure that we can post them by keeping the original email that offered
      the shots, possibly requesting that they be under Creative Commons.
      Check with Lawyers on the implication of GNOME releasing screenshots with
      the trademark under Creative Commons.
    : Start a sub-committee to finally get a policy on the trademark
	- Luis, Christian, Federico & Tim

    - Plan for goals in 2005
    : Aim for 'measurable' targets rather than generic 'make _foo_ better'
    : There's a wiki page for current suggestions.  People should add their own
      items, and comment on existing items and comment on the suggestions
      Get a draft list within TWO WEEKS

    - Merchandising agreement
    : Hackerthreads would like to increase the number of items
    : Dave would like to see a site that looks like gnome.org even if it is an
      external site.  Not necessarily an exclusive arrangement.

    - Next meeting Feb 23rd
    : Review goals
    : Review 2004 finances and 2005 budget

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