Re: Endorsements one by one [was Re: Endorsing David Neary]

On Thu, 2005-12-01 at 07:46 -0700, Andreas J. Guelzow wrote:
> On Thu, 2005-01-12 at 13:03 +0100, Quim Gil wrote:
> > Showing the percentage of participation at any time may help increasing
> > the percentage of vote at the end of the election, and it's a harmless
> > data by itself.
> As you said in the first part of the sentence, publishing the data may
> change voting behaviour, ("not voting" is also a voting behaviour.) THat
> by itself should tell us that unless the rules specifically state that
> every 24 hours the number of voters is published (or something along
> those lines) those numbers should also stay secret.  

also, media starts counting votes, at least from what I know, after the
voting period is over.
Rodrigo Moya <rodrigo gnome-db org>

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