Software freedom day


We're a little late on the get-go, but I think we should do something for Software Freedom Day - - September 10th this year.

Perhaps GNOME user groups could hold an event for the day? Even if it's only a small demo in a local university?

The OpenCD (which ships a GNOME desktop via Ubuntu, and lots of GNOME/GTK+ applications for Windows) is involved, as are Canonical.

There is the possibility to receive LiveCDs and some advertising materials for free

The deadline's passed now, but you never know - if you're close enough to a distribution center you may still be able to get some stuff.

If you're a young Go-Getter, we now have a range of GNOME posters available for printing, and on September 10th, you should be able to burn off some hot-off-the-presses GNOME 2.12 LiveCDs.


David Neary
bolsh gimp org

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