Plans for GUADEC 2007, yes 2007


I am inspired by the success of the previous GUADEC conferences. It was
held all over the Europe, including Northern, Western and Central
European countries. By the time we came to the point when it is an
excelent time to make an expansion to the Eastern Europe. It is the time
when FOSS is gaining publicity here and 2007 would be the very best time
to introduce Linux Desktop as *the* Desktop of choice, including schools
and government. As of speaking of my country, Ubuntu is doing a great
job in private sector here, but we need publicity to make it happen in
education and/or government.

I am writing in the name of the Open Source for Lithuania organisation.
I would like to suggest to hold GUADEC 2007 in Vilnius, Lithuania. We
would be very proud to have an opportunity to organise it for the first
time in Eastern Europe. We would like to get the list of requirements to
match to make this happen. We are very excited and hope we will
succeed. :)

Žygimantas Beručka <uid0 akl lt>
A member of
The GNOME Foundation,
The Open Source for Lithuania

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