Re: GNOME Foundation Budget

On Fri, 2005-08-12 at 16:03 -0400, Luis Villa wrote:

> in 2004, Ad Board was a little under a fifth of our revenues; down
> from a little under half in 2003 and 2/3rds in 2002. [Though I think
> perhaps in 2002 GUADEC donations from our board was lumped in with the
> Ad Board fees?]

The foundation's first reporting period in 2002 included AB fees
collected over two calendar years.  There has been attrition in paid AB
membership, for example - Compaq, Mandrakesoft and OSDN/VA Linux.

> 'unearned' revenue- i.e., revenue that in theory is unpredictable from
> year to year, unlike our ad board pledges- was 76.0% of revenue last
> year, up from 32 and 37 the years before. I guess that much of that
> leap is probably because of changes in how GUADEC revenue is booked,
> though. Tim, is that correct?

The increase in corporate contributions is a result of my fundraising
with new support for GUADEC from IBM and RedHat and increased support
from Novell in 2004. The local government and company subsidies in
Norway for GUADEC were paid directly to Agder University College.
Nokia and Imendio became new financial contributors in 2005.


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