Re: GNOME Foundation Budget


Glynn Foster wrote:
Operating Expenses
o Can you break down the Administration? What are the fees for GIMP, Bounty and GUADEC? I assume it is basically the
  percentage time of your salary that you spend on General,
  GIMP, Bounty and GUADEC?

I can answer the GIMP part of this one - the foundation handles donations for the GIMP project (subject to the rules governing non-profits, of course), and takes 5% off transactions for accounting & administrative overhead. Last year, that was a smallish $150 - this year that should be closer to $800.

o The breakdown of the GUADEC figures don't seem to match that of the report in guadec-2004-financial-summary.pdf? Why not?

I don't have details, but I know that the accounts from Norway excluded any money taken in & spent by the foundation itself, as opposed to the organisers.


Dave Neary
bolsh gimp org
Lyon, France

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