Re: GNOME Foundation Budget


> Some questions offhand (many of these are answerable by going through
> the existing reports for 2003/2004, but I'd love to see them pulled
> out and more easily discoverable.)

And some more for me that I forwarded to Tim separately, but they'd
probably be more suitable posting here -

o What are the 20K of General Contributions?

Earned Revenue
o Who are the companies that have provided Advisory Board of 30K?
o Why do we have an earned revenue of 2K in Administration Fees?

Operating Expenses
o Can you break down the Administration? What are the fees for 
  GIMP, Bounty and GUADEC? I assume it is basically the
  percentage time of your salary that you spend on General,
  GIMP, Bounty and GUADEC?
o What is the breakdown of the 31K in the GUADEC?
o The breakdown of the GUADEC figures don't seem to match that 
  of the report in guadec-2004-financial-summary.pdf? Why not?
o Supplies seems high - what was the breakdown of that?


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