Congratulations to the new board

Congratulations to the new board.

I think we are very fortunate and skilled to have elected such a fine
and competent group of people for the GNOME Foundation's Board of

As GNOME is rapidly growing all over the world we must help and support
all new regional initiatives- as well as be welcoming new groups and
types of users. They might very well give us a lot of new inspiration to
make new fun projects in areas where we have not yet been.

We can do so by getting local, national, and regional groups of Free
Software users who are interested in the GNOME Project to create local
and national groups and national websites. We have some, but we can have
more. Native language help and information is very important to many
people new to computers and GNU/Linux.

We have had successful conferences in Europe, Australia and Latin
America. New this year was Chile. Now we should think of getting Asia on
the conference map. India could very well be our next goal. The GNOME
interest is certainly growing there.

The important Spanish language collaboration has been and still is
fundamental for the introduction and the continuing spread of Free
Software and GNOME both in Spain and in all the Spanish speaking

School projects are flourishing and teen agers are our best ambassadors
when it comes to teaching family members and friends about new and free
tools and possibilities.

The first problem to solve is to get access to knowledge and this is
still a huge problem to solve for millions of persons in large parts of
the world. I think we ought to think this problematic in when we take
our broadband and other solutions for granted. How can GNOME grow to
become the sustainable software choice for everyone? 

GNOME Greetings


Anne Østergaard <anne oestergaard nu>

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