Re: GNOME Foundation Elections - Preliminary results

Daniel Veillard wrote:

On Thu, Dec 09, 2004 at 09:18:58AM -0800, Rob Adams wrote:
I think that's pretty unfair.  The candidates who were elected are all
active well-known members of the Gnome community.  Saying that a women
should have been elected solely for that reason just serves to minimize
the very real and significant contributions that the electees have made
to the Gnome community.

 Let's say that we tend to elect people from the same technical core,
and that Anne background would have provided some diversity. We are
not very versed in law or relation with governements while she
has knowledge in these domain. I hope she will be able to work
within the "marketing" side of the foundation and get elected next year, if she candidates again.
This sounds good to me.

One of the key problems we've had as a Board (at least in my opinion) is lack of follow-through and focus which I believe are mostly a function of Board members being over-busy, myself included. This is one reason why I did not "campaign" this year vigorously, and nearly didn't nominate myself at all.

I think that the current Board election tends to have a large component of respect/popularity/name-recognition, which is fine, but tends to favor people who are already overcommitted. One of the suggestions which the current Board has been considering is a way of forming 'committees' which consist of one or more Board members, plus other interested parties from the Foundation (outside the Board), to deal with specific issues (like branding, marketing, etc., - we already do this for GUADEC and the elections themselves). This is also a good way of letting new names and faces prove themselves outside of desktop-devel-list.

In this way I believe that I can be as useful to the Foundation and Board "outside" as "inside", or more so. I certainly hope that Anne's expertise can help us in the same way. If we assume that the 11 Board members will be doing all the 'Board' activities, then we're likely to have the same slow-motion effect as we've had for the past year....

best regards,

- Bill


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