Re: RealMedia used for GUADEC live transmissions?

On Wed, 2003-06-25 at 20:11, Miguel de Icaza wrote:
> I was not involved in the organization of Guadec.  I just see people
> like Rui and you as being tremendously disrespectful for the hard work
> that the volunteers put together.

I'm sorry Miguel, but how was the disrespect shown? I am not a native
english speaker so it is quite possible some words would seem harsher
than what they were intended to be.

I said:
  I'm sorry, but I feel it is extremely awkward that a project aimed at
  making people use a Free Software desktop promotes using non-free
  I can understand the motivation and how it may have been well
  intended, but this should not continue.

and I also said how it could be done. I've read a lot of angered and
borderline disrespectfull reactions though, which is strange since all I
wanted was to be able to view the speakers and their talks, and I'm sure
more people are in the same situation. How can that be disrespectful?

> Some volunteers sold their laptops to be able to make it to the show; 
> Next year, I expect you and Rui to show the same kind of commitment and
> put the same kind of effort to make the show happen just the right way,
> rather than leading like armchair generals.

Later on in the thread I even bought Glynn's challenge and volunteered
to make the conversions. That doesn't seem like armchair general to me.

Selling equipment that is probably used to do pratical stuff that is
needed just to go to a conference doesn't strike me as an intelligent
decision. Are you sure they really did such a thing with material they
needed? I'm not, please forgive my doubt but it is a reasonable one,
specially considering how equiment devalues... but that may be because a
laptop is a luxury few can afford in Portugal ('my laptop' is actually
my empolyer's).

I felt depressed by some of the reactions I read in this thread, but
fortunately some other reactions where positive enough to compensate.

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+ Whatever you do will be insignificant,
| but it is very important that you do it -- Gandhi
+ So let's do it...?

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