Re: Conference Booth Organization

On Wed, 2003-07-16 at 19:13, Glynn Foster wrote:
> Hey,
> What I think we need most of all is a conference calendar at the start
> of each year, so we're not rushing to send stuff at short notice - I
> only got less than a week to send over a poster and some t-shirts. This
> should have been done weeks in advance. 

There was some discussion of this at the last board meeting. We'd like
to do at least LWE SF/NY, possibly some of the linux work events in
Europe next winter, and ideally other regional events as well. It's the
last one that's the kicker- we need regional groups to let us know when
things are going on if they want our support. For example, we were
apparently well represented by at linuxtag, but if we'd known
about that more in advance, we could have had banners and such shipped
there for their use. Similarly, there apparently will be a gnome both at
linux/bangalore in December- if not for Arvind's talk at GUADEC we might
not have known about that either. So- we need a schedule, and we need to
publicize it and let people know that they can add their events to it as
well. Who is volunteering to handle that? :)


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