Re: Foundation Membership [Was: Minutes for Board Meeting 2002-09-24]

<quote who="Jeff Waugh">

> If I'm going to wax on about bugs, I'd better propose a fix, hey? :-) So:
>   I suggest that the Foundation Board continue to qualify the voting
>   membership against the current by-laws (Article VI, Section 1), and create
>   a new, non-voting class of Foundation Membership to satisfy 'desire to be
>   a member'. Perhaps call this the 'supporting membership' as opposed to the
>   'voting membership'.
>   This is very positive in a number of ways. Anyone with a desire to become
>   a member can sign up for 'supporting membership' - join once, member for
>   life.
>   The 'voting membership' will be made up of current contributors, who are
>   able to vote for current contributing representatives on the Board. The
>   Foundation may choose to create an 'honourary voting membership' for
>   highly significant contributors.
>   Note that Foundation membership will *increase* with this change -> the
>   Foundation can claim both sets of members as numbers of support in its
>   bids for grants, marketing material, etc.
> Thanks, hope the Board considers this suggestion,

Bit disappointed in the lack of response to this suggestion from the
board... has this been discussed? Has it been dismissed? The recent minutes
give few clues as to the specifics of the board's discussion.

I don't want to harp, but this seems like a pretty big decision to *not* be
making in public.


- Jeff

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