Re: Foundation Membership [Was: Minutes for Board Meeting 2002-09-24]

Hey Jeff,

> Bit disappointed in the lack of response to this suggestion from the
> board... has this been discussed? Has it been dismissed? The recent minutes
> give few clues as to the specifics of the board's discussion.

As a little update to this - the membership committee and board [1] had
a phone conference last Friday evening to discuss this. The board has
come up with a proposal to which they sent to us during the meeting -
currently the membership committee are reviewing this document. I had
hoped that it would have been sent to foundation-list gnome too, but
that appears not to be the case :( 

Sadly, the meeting minutes haven't yet appeared either :/

> I don't want to harp, but this seems like a pretty big decision to *not* be
> making in public.

Absolutely, I completely agree. If you want to catch up with the
proposal and some small amount of feedback, you can read the public
archives of the membership committtee -

			See ya,
				Glynn :)

[1] although I'm not officially a member of the membership committee
anymore, I was invited along too

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