Re: Minutes of the GNOME Board meeting October 8 2002

<quote who="Jim Gettys hp com">

> I don't have a ship date for the new system as yet: I do know the
> system's purchase was approved and I believe the order has been placed.
> As it is not coming out of my cost center (and the Houston folks are
> ordering it) I don't have a way to track the order.
> At the time (early last week) the lead times were expected to only be
> a week or two; with luck, we'll have the system next week or the week
> after.

Cool, thanks.

> It is a dual 1.4ghz system, with a gig of memory, RAID controller, 5
> 36 gigabyte SCSI disks, in a 2U chassis.  Should do well....

Phwoar. A very tidy upgrade!

Thanks very much!

- Jeff

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