Re: Minutes for Board Meeting 2002-09-24

<quote who="Glynn Foster">

> > [ Hrm, I named mine specifically to avoid clashes with FoG -> I think it
> > needs its own feet to stand on, so people see it as an endeavour of its
> > own... ]
> Hrm, I'm just worried about the confusion by having 3 sorts of membership
> - I rather think this would do more harm than good :/

FoG is by no means Foundation membership (unless there's some documentation
that I've missed, but I would be disappointed if they did equate). Members
and non-members alike can be Friends of GNOME, simply by putting their money
where there code is. ;-)

> I'd quite like to see some of the stats/funds that FoG is achieving before
> deciding more though. With the possibility of having this newsletter idea
> that I suggested, I think it could work to merge the two.

Mmm. Without wanting to create a scandal a la dep's KDE League article, it
would be nice to see the treasury info, etc.

> > > If we want to start being a serious candidate desktop, we have to start
> > > acting like one.
> > 
> > [ But let's not confuse shipping source with shipping products. :-) ]
> I rather think that we have a strong share in that though.

Yeah, true.

> What ever happened to gnome-os? :)

Disappeared under the weight of the work, as everyone involved were working
on other projects. I still think there's a place for it, though, and have
been thinking about it quite a bit... There's other important stuff to work
on first, though. :-)

- Jeff

    "Man, is there some worldwide consipiracy to supply me with doctored    
             dictionaries or something?" - Adrian van den Dries             

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