Re: Minutes for Board Meeting 2002-09-24

Le Tue, 1 Oct 2002 09:16:40 -0400, jody peabody ximian com a ecrit :

>   - Membership Committee
>       : Clarify Guidelines
> 	  * Jim proposed simple guideline
> 	      'If you have ever contributed to GNOME and wish to be a
> 	      member you can be a member'
> 	      = Unanimous agreement by those present
> 	      = The key element is 'desire to be member', interpretation
> 	      of 'contribution' should be lax, including QA, usability,
> 	      and advocacy.

If the key element is 'desire to be member', then the committee simply
accepts anybody who applies : except for the spam, the application we
received are from people who have contributed to GNOME. Do we really
need a committee for that ?

Another aspect of these guidelines is the fact that members don't need
to be currently active in the GNOME community : their contributions
don't need to be recent. I really doubt this is good.

In fact, I think the main question which has to be answered is whether
being member of the Foundation is a right or a privilege. With these
proposed guidelines, it is a right but I strongly think it has to be a
privilege: a member can be candidate to the Board, can issue a
referendum, can be responsible for a GEP.

IMHO, Jeff's proposal is worth considering.

> 	  * Annual renewal
> 	      = Verify contact info
> 	      = Ensure that member still wants to be member

Does that mean that a membership now lasts only one year ? It previously
ended after two years. I would like the board to clarify if it is up to
the committee to automatically renew memberships every year or if the
member has to renew his membership.



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