Re: 11 Questions to answer

On Mon, Nov 25, 2002 at 08:30:22AM -0800, Jim Gettys hp com wrote: 
> I don't think the cultural issues can be overcome unless we can ensure
> there is commitment to "make it work", so it ends up being better
> (less work) than the current process.  So having a set of people who
> say they'll really make it work is probably the only way to break
> the deadlock.

For it to be less work for developers, you have to treat it as an
automaintained priority queue; i.e. just ignore everything the
triagers haven't marked "high" ;-)

I sometimes use bugzilla as a complete task tracker and discussion
forum, and then it's clearly a lot of work (though IMO useful), but
also sometimes I'm not feeling up to seeing all the bugs so I just fix
the top of the queue.


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