Re: bugs [was Re: 11 Questions to answer]

On Mon, 2002-11-25 at 11:32, Luis Villa wrote:
> > Maybe we could donate part of our Thursday bug days to XFree ;-)
> Over my flamed, dead body. :) They wouldn't be of much good, anyway-
> except for duplicate hunting (which I doubt would get too
> many of) they'd lack the domain-specific knowledge that I'm trying
> desperately[1] to imbue them with. 

Just to make it clear, in case it wasn't, this isn't an 'I want every
person I can get my hands on because I'm a greedy bastard.' I'd love to
share, if there were enough resources to go around. There just aren't-
not even close. Certainly, if individual bug volunteers want to go help
kernel or xfree and learn enough about those projects to be useful, more
power to them. But GNOME needs every volunteer it has and then some at
this time- we've made /huge/ strides in the past two months in terms of
recruiting and educating bug volunteers, but there are still dozens of
bugs every day that go unread. That number is shrinking fast- I was
pleasantly surprised to see one of my key searches slightly smaller
today than it was on friday. But we've still got a ways to go before we
can think seriously about permanently loaning time and organization out.
It's something I'd love to do; in my ideal world 'my' volunteers come
out knowing so much about bugzilla sanity that they are very useful for
other projects, as I was leaving mozilla and landing on my feet at
Ximian. We're just not there yet.


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