Re: 11 Questions to answer

On Mon, Nov 25, 2002 at 07:26:52AM -0800, Jim Gettys hp com wrote: 
> My opinion is that things can't/won't change there unless/until the
> overall community both makes it clear the current situation is a major
> problem, *and* is able/willing to volunteer the effort to keep such
> a bugzilla system an advantage rather than a liability.  There has
> been some on the former (lots of grousing, by me, and others),
> but so far, we don't have committment by people
> able and willing to spend the time on the triage end.
> Without such triage and management of the bugzilla on an ongoing basis,
> I think the XFree86 core team's current consensus is probably correct.
> So if people are willing to volunteer to do this work, please let me know;
> I'd like to remove objections to progress in this area.

Seems there's a bit of chicken-and-egg there; for we do have
an amazing number of triage volunteers that are hugely helpful (I know
because I'm also responsible for part of bugzilla where I
have no volunteers and am thus significantly more doomed and spend a
whole lot more time on it), but you have to create the bugzilla and
get people involved (e.g. via Luis's bug days) *before* you can have
triagers, you won't have triagers from day one. Also you have to be
sure people avoid, say, flaming the triagers. ;-) But hopefully that's

For a long time didn't have triagers because Luis wasn't
recruiting and teaching people how; but I think has always
had lots of them.

Maybe we could donate part of our Thursday bug days to XFree ;-)


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