Re: 11 Questions to answer

> I don't think the cultural issues can be overcome unless we can ensure
> there is commitment to "make it work", so it ends up being better
> (less work) than the current process.  So having a set of people who
> say they'll really make it work is probably the only way to break
> the deadlock.

It is a cultural issue.  From my understanding, Xfree started in a very
closed environment (ie no access to cvs) and only the core hackers worked
on it.  Recently, we've seen a lot more openness from them on that front.

I think it's a natural progression to open up the project further by
having a formal bug reporting structure.  Perhaps bugzilla isn't the right
one but it doesn't matter as long as they have one.  However using
bugzilla can open the way to assign bug reports from one project to
another.   I digress. :-)

I've seen that most people get involved in a project in two ways.  Either
they grab on to a piece of technology they think is cool and just start
hacking or they work their way up by trying to fix easy bugs from the bug

Adding bug reporting should increase the number of volunteers.  I
can't imagine that there aren't a lot of people who would not think it's
cool to hack X. (or maybe they don't know better..I don't know. :-)  That
and a couple of people who are willing to mentor and answer questions.

Just some additional thoughts on the matter.


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