Re: 11 Questions to answer

mån 2002-11-11 klockan 17.54 skrev Jim Gettys hp com:
> > 1) Why are you running for Board of Directors?
> I care deeply about the X Window System, and use of it.
> Despite the great progress of the last several years, I believe that for 
> it and open source software to succeed, Gnome must reach out and work 
> with other projects to solve a number of major remaining problems.
> Just working within the Gnome community will be insufficient.

Will your work on bringing the GNOME and XFree86 camps to work more
effectively together also include working on ways for more effective
communication, problem-solving and bug tracking?

My experiences with XFree86 bug reporting have been absolutely
devastating so far; the XFree86 "bug tracker" currently is an e-mail
black hole without any feedback or trackability whatsoever. I believe
that there has to be ways for projects to make sure that those bugs that
depend upon other projects still are trackable somehow, so that bugs
don't pile up at one end and rot away while the other end doesn't know
about it or can do anything about it, which is a rather frustrating
situation, and which helps noone. In the case of XFree86, having a or similar would help a lot, since the current
state of affairs leaves a lot to be desired.

Do you have plans for this? Are you prepared, as part of your work on
the GNOME board, to act as a bridge between the XFree86 and GNOME
developers in this way and also make sure the necessary infrastructure
for inter-project communication and development is in place, such as a in this specific example?


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