Minutes of Foundation meeting: 2002-05-02

        Minutes of GNOME Foundation Board meeting, 21 May 2002

Present					Not here

    Jon Blandford			George Lebl
    Nat Friedman
    Jim Gettys
    Jody Goldberg
    Telsa Gwynne (minutes)
    James Henstridge
    Miguel de Icaza
    Tim Ney
    Federico Mena
    Havoc Pennington
    Daniel Veillard	(missed first 10 minutes)

Completed actions:

  DONE:	Tim to draft a description of what the money raised would be
        used for.
	=> See discussions.

  ACTION: Jim to restart the font discussions with various parties
	=> This is still continuing. Jim is cautiously optimistic.

  ACTION: Nat and Jonathan talk to gnome-sysadmin about adding ssh
          tunneling for GNOME CVS access
        => This has been postponed until after GNOME 2.0
	=> See discussions.

  ACTION: Havoc, Jody, Nat volunteer for working on producing a first
       draft of ABI rules for GNOME-2 releases, get involvment from
       someone at Sun, and make sure the draft get some review.
	=> Still pending

  ACTION: Tim and Jim looking at structuring tutorials
	=> Have begun discussing this via email.

  ACTION: Jrb and Nat will work on the Gnome-2.2 Hack Fest announce
	=> Nat will send Jon details; Jon will put up webpage todau.

  ACTION: Nat to write up his notes from the 2.x discussion and send
       then out.
	=> Mostly done, will send it out imminently.

  NEW: Telsa to come up with description for foundation-list; Daniel
	to add it.


    * the ssh tunnelling action item: 
    Whilst this is going on, it is probably a good idea to think about 
    clarifying copyright and licences and so on as Mozilla do: the
    idea is to ensure that people don't check in stuff that's not theirs
    to check in: http://www.mozilla.org/hacking/form.html

    * Fund-raising: 
    Tim has circulated a draft background paper on GF funding; Steve Fox
    has done a draft "friends of gnome" webpage. 
    We have submitted a "501(c)3 application" to the US IRS: this would
    give us tax-exempt status in the US. Once it is granted, it is 
    retroactive, too. 

    * GNOME 2.x branching plans: 
    Nat outlined his proposals at the last meeting but has not sent his 
    write-up out yet. 
    * Boston event:
    There are now five rooms reserved at MIT from 17th to 20th of 
    July 2002 for the event. Housing is not yet settled. This is the 
    2.2 planning session and aimed very much at people contributing 
    to GNOME rather than being a end user event. Jon is going to put
    up a page about it, using information Nat is going to send him. 
    * GNOME logo:
    We have long needed -- and lacked -- a vector graphics image for 
    printing. Tuomas and Jakub have been working on a version of this. 
    It's turned out much more stylised than our current one. Should it 
    be used for GNOME 2? Post to g-h about it. 

    * List description for foundation-list:
    Such a description is needed. Telsa to write; Daniel to do the
    mailman admin stuff to put it there.

    * Mechanism for board-funded conference calls for dispute resolution:
    Nice idea, but there's no budget for it atm. The Foundation doesn't 
    fund the board or release team meetings either. If it happened, we 
    might need to ask for minutes of the calls, but it can't happen yet. 

    * Weekly status reports for module maintainers:
    In the run-up to GNOME 2, the GNOME 2 release team have been 
    encouraging this as part of the weekly snapshot releases. The
    results have been useful. Should this be a requirement? Discussion
    about feasibility, tiresome-ness of doing it, time intervals: no
    decision made though. 


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