Re: GNOME Foundation Elections - Preliminary results

On Fri, 2002-12-06 at 08:32, Richard Stallman wrote:
> When I saw the ballot, I found the instructions confusing, and I sent
> suggestions to the people who handled the voting for how to make it
> clearer in the future.  I didn't send that mail to foundation-list
> because that seemed unnecessary.
> At the time, it did not occur to me to ask, "What will you do if a
> member misunderstands the instructions?  Shouldn't you make reasonable
> efforts to enable these votes to be counted?"  Perhaps it would have
> been useful if I or someone else had thought of this and raised the
> issue then, but that didn't happen.

When this was first brought up, the suggestions made implied that it
should be the Election Team to follow up, and ensure invalid votes where
counted. I don't think it should be part of the Election Committee's
responsibility to chase those whose votes got "spoiled". The
instructions appeared to me, to be quite clear. 

Perhaps we can take the instructions this year, and tweak them for next
year's use?


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