Re: GNOME Foundation Elections - Preliminary results

>     Sheesh, what would be the big deal of adding the votes of the folks
>     who didn't send in their votes with the ID number?  Do we really
>     all believe people are trying to subvert the election process?
> I agree.  The election committee can contact these people and verify
> they were real ballots from real members; then it should count the
> votes.
> There is no ethical reason to be stubborn about procedure.  Why take
> a bureaucratic attitude of rigidity and putting the blame on others,
> when it is so easy to be flexible and do what is right in spirit?

I'm sorry.  Why do people insist on waiting until AFTER the facts to voice 
their opinions ? If democracy matters to you then give it it's proper 
deserved attention at the right time and not afterwards.  Saying the 
voting system was wrong after the vote is complete is the wrong way 
around.  That's like saying the membership committee rejects the wrong 
people from the foundation when they only follow the rules everyone agreed 



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